27 juillet 2009

[Latest news#4]Thomas Pynchon - Inherent Vice : available

Je ne l'ai d'abord pas cru.
Trouvé dans une librairie.
L'édition britannique de chez Jonathan Cape.
Alors que tout le monde, oui, l'attendait pour le 6 août.
Incroyable et pourtant.
Et pourtant.
Il le lit.
Et le prouve.

Sur son blog, l'ami Marcel...
Et en image.
On en bave comme jamais.
Maintenant : à l'assaut, les braves !
La suite sous peu.

7 commentaires:

  1. and it's such a wonderful book.

  2. Guess what ?
    I hate you ;-)

  3. I finished it yesterday. Will be rereading it this weekend. It's like a short delicacy. He IS the master.

  4. About 400 pages, compared to Against the Day, it's really a short one. A short delicacy ? I suppose that after your rereading, you'll post something about the master's Inherent Vice.
    No, I'm not supposing : I'm sure.

  5. I won't. Pynchon fans make me nervous. They expect to much. My little ferret brains won't manage.

    But if I may quote something from the first chapter:

    "We'll be chums," he would croak as if to himself, pretending to puff compulsively on a cigarette, "we'll be chums."

  6. I understand.
    Many, many thanks for the such beautiful quote from the first chapter.
    Don't hesitate to quote as often as you want.
    There're several things I notice, in this single sentence :
    1- his construction is typical Pynch
    2- the use of "chums" that reminds me such a lot of things
    3- the use of "as if", that was used so many times in Against the Day
    4- the rythm and the sound of the sentence make me really see and hear that "he" and his cigarette

    Thanks for sharing, Marcel.


Single up all lines, Chums !