27 juillet 2009

[Latest news#4]Thomas Pynchon - Inherent Vice : available

Je ne l'ai d'abord pas cru.
Trouvé dans une librairie.
L'édition britannique de chez Jonathan Cape.
Alors que tout le monde, oui, l'attendait pour le 6 août.
Incroyable et pourtant.
Et pourtant.
Il le lit.
Et le prouve.

Sur son blog, l'ami Marcel...
Et en image.
On en bave comme jamais.
Maintenant : à l'assaut, les braves !
La suite sous peu.

7 commentaires:

  1. and it's such a wonderful book.

  2. Guess what ?
    I hate you ;-)

  3. I finished it yesterday. Will be rereading it this weekend. It's like a short delicacy. He IS the master.

  4. About 400 pages, compared to Against the Day, it's really a short one. A short delicacy ? I suppose that after your rereading, you'll post something about the master's Inherent Vice.
    No, I'm not supposing : I'm sure.

  5. I won't. Pynchon fans make me nervous. They expect to much. My little ferret brains won't manage.

    But if I may quote something from the first chapter:

    "We'll be chums," he would croak as if to himself, pretending to puff compulsively on a cigarette, "we'll be chums."

  6. I understand.
    Many, many thanks for the such beautiful quote from the first chapter.
    Don't hesitate to quote as often as you want.
    There're several things I notice, in this single sentence :
    1- his construction is typical Pynch
    2- the use of "chums" that reminds me such a lot of things
    3- the use of "as if", that was used so many times in Against the Day
    4- the rythm and the sound of the sentence make me really see and hear that "he" and his cigarette

    Thanks for sharing, Marcel.

  7. see? you would manage.


Single up all lines, Chums !