11 février 2008

A screaming comes across the Web : f.f.c

Fric Frac: The Great Riviera Bank Robbery by Albert Spaggiari and Martin Sokolinsky (Hardcover - April 23, 1979)





1. A stout heavy stick, usually thicker at one end, suitable for use as a weapon; a cudgel. 2. Sports An implement used in some games to drive a ball, especially a stick with a protruding head used in golf. 3. Games a. A black figure shaped like a trefoil or clover leaf on certain playing cards. b. A playing card with this figure. c. clubs (used with a sing. or pl. verb) The suit of cards represented by this figure. 4. A group of people organized for a common purpose, especially a group that meets regularly: a garden club. 5. The building, room, or other facility used for the meetings of an organized group. 6. Sports An athletic team or organization. 7. A nightclub.


Inflected forms: clubbed, club·bing, clubs


1. To strike or beat with or as if with a club. 2. To use (a firearm) as a club by holding the barrel and hitting with the butt end. 3. To gather or combine (hair, for example) into a clublike mass. 4. To contribute to a joint or common purpose.


To join or combine for a common purpose; form a club.


Middle English, from Old Norse klubba.

Here they are.

La suite sous peu.

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  1. Ce FFC se développe à une vitesse exponentielle et effrayante.

  2. Cette touche "here they are" est carrément fabuleuse. On peut taper dessus tous les jours, et constater l'évolution du virus...


Single up all lines, Chums !