6 juin 2007

Only Revolutions : audio book

Tout chaud copy/pasté du blog de Mark Z Danielewski sur Myspace :

At long last the audio version of Only Revolutions is done and thanks to CD Baby will soon be available exclusively as a download on iTunes and many other digital outposts. (We're told anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months.)

For now you can check out this link:


Basics go as follows:

Sam's read by Mark Z Danielewski
Hailey's read by Alexis Madden
Music by Danny Elfman

There are some bonus tracks including LITTLE RUNAWAY written by Poe when she was a teenager, the REVOLUTIONS OF RUIN everyone was asking about and the Wagnerian Only Revolutions PRELUDE.

The whole thing runs around 9 hours, broken into five parts or more precisely five reels.

Only Revolutions (Reel 1)
Only Revolutions (Reel 2)
Only Revolutions (Reel 3)
Only Revolutions (Reel 4)
Only Revolutions (Reel 5)

Each contains 18 tracks except for the fifth reel which has 18 tracks plus the three bonus tracks.

Tracks alternate between Sam & Hailey and are named according to speaker, chapter number, the title of the chapter and the pages. i.e. Hailey's first track looks like this:

Hailey I.1 - Everyone Loves The Dream (pg 1-8)

Digitally this means you can listen to it as Sam/Hailey/Sam/Hailey etc. etc. or instantly arrange it according to name and listen to just Hailey or just Sam or with your own play lists arrange it anyway you like.

The whole thing will cost around $50 to download or $9.99 for each reel. Of course if you just want a taste you can download a couple of tracks for less than $2.

Co-produced by Jessica Kaye. Engineered by Zed B. Starkovich. Recorded at The Media Staff. —Thanks Jerry for the great bread! Earwatched by Poe. Special thanks to Kirsten Johnson, Olle Romo, Samantha Rogers, James Kimball and of course Danny and Bridget and the Moonmad Sunday Gang.

Bonus Tracks include:

Little Runaway by Poe, written when she was a teenager. Piano by Nathan Rosenberg.

Revolutions Of Ruin by Mark Z Danielewski & Kenneth Burgomaster. With very special thanks to Kimberly Beder, Eamon Cannon, Kevin Connolly, Carolyn Eilola, Christy Gordon, Gwen, Siobhan Hanson, Erik Hartley, Heartbreak, Paul Jensen, Kristin Larch, Alexis Madden, Jeff Moody, Curtis Rasico, Johnny Rogers, Nowlin Scoggins, Clayton Sims, Fearful Syzygy and of course G@rp.

Only Revolutions Prelude by Mark Z Danielewski, Kenneth Burgomaster and Richard Wagner.

Total audio Lengthfor Reels 1-5: Around 9 hours.
Year of Publication: 2007

La suite sous peu.

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