9 septembre 2007

L'Otarie start west, l'esc@rgot east.

Bricoler une critique de O Révolutions prend du temps. Même en forme de jeu.
Alors, pour le passer, comme le fait L'Otarie : quelques petites coïncidences (j'ai retrouvé mes notes).
Entre Against the Day, de Thomas Pynchon, & Only Revolutions, de Mark Z Danielewski.
Uniquement pour le fun.

(...) being lost, being found, flying, journeying to places too detailed to be anything but real, meeting the enemy, dying, being born over and over... He wanted to find a way in, to look out for her at least, keep her from the worst if he could... (...) As years went along, the film go faster, the exposure time shorter, the cameras lighter. [page 72]

"Time moves on but one axis", advised Dr. Blope, "past to future -- the only turnings possible being turns of a hundred and eighty degrees. In the Quaternions, a ninety-degree direction would correspond to an additional axis (...)" [page 132]

Throyle explained about the mysterious shamanic power known as bilocation, which enables those with the gift literally to be in two or more places, often widely separated, at the same time. [page 143]

J'ai trouvé ça troublant.
Mais je ne suis pas normal.

La suite sous peu.

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